Studio Interior

Studio 7

Dolby Certified mixing & the ideal space for ADR recording.

Fully Dolby Certified for mixing cinema commercials & trailers in 5.1 & 7.1, Studio 7 also holds Dolby Atmos pre-mix status allowing us to track-lay in the latest 360 surround sound format.

Studio 7 was designed from the ground up for the ultimate audio mixing and recording experience. A combined effort from the best in the industry; Dolby Europe, acoustician Nick Whitaker (Abbey Road / De Lane Lea / BBC), Miloco Build and ADAM Audio who's nineteen speakers combine to produce stunning results that have to be heard to be believed!

The perfect ADR studio
Studio 7 is also the ideal suite for open-room ADR sessions with space for up to 8 clients and 2 or 3 actors, combined with Studio 1's good size booth & control room setup, SNK Studios can handle a range of demanding ADR requirements. Our producers and engineers have great experience in the field. See our dedicated ADR page for more specific details and tech specs.

Other features -


We have ISDN systems with all standard internationally recognised codecs in all our studios. 

Source Connect Pro
Including remote synch capabilities to connect up and lock to any other Source Connect Studio around the world.


Silent laser projector with two meter wide screen and multiple TVs placed around the room. 

Separate voice booth seats 1 actor.

All studios share our huge SFX server and can transfer projects seamlessly between one another.

ProTools HDX 12, plugins galore and 24 Channels of Avid C|24 mixing. 

Available in-house Microphones:

Shotgun/Boom: Sennheiser MKH60 and Sennheiser 416
Lavalier/Lapel: Sanken COS11 and DPA 4060
Large Diaphragm Condenser: Neumann U87s and Audio Technica 4033s
More microphones available to hire upon request

Worth noting: All studios support OMF / AAF import and export and can deliver final audio files in any format, sample rate or bit depth including WAV, MP3, AIFFs on CD or upload.

If you have any questions regarding your own project, please get in touch here

Studio 7 / ADR Floor Plan: