Studio Interior

Studio 3 & 4 | Voice Over Booths & Last Minute Recordings

Studios 3 & 4 are our smaller but perfectly formed suites, both with voice over booths. They are ideal for last minute recordings, track laying, ISDN linkups and premixing.

All studios share huge SFX server and can transfer projects seamlessly between one another.

Screens: In both control and live room for sound to picture work

Gear: ProTools HD, Focusrite Preamps, bags loads of plugins etc etc

Mics: Neumann U87, Audio Technica 4033, Sennheiser 416, Sanken COS11 and many more available upon request. 

ISDN: We have ISDN systems with all standard internationally recognised codecs in all our studios. 

Worth noting: All studios support OMF import and export and we can deliver final audio files in any format, sample rate and bit depth including WAV, MP3, AIFFs on CD or via upload to our secure server. Plus you get tea, coffee, biscuits and lots of happy smiley faces.

Delivery Specs: As of mid 2014, all audio broadcast on UK television is required to meet the new EBU R128 loudness standard. Other countries have similar requirements. At SNK Studios, we're proud to work with Nugen, industry leaders in delivering Loudness Metering - to ensure that all our output conforms to these requirements. This gives us and most importantly our clients, peace of mind. Click on the logo to read more about Nugen and their good work, or ask to speak to one of our engineers to learn more

If you have any questions regarding your own project, please get in touch here

For examples of recent sound design or voice over recording work, take a look at our showreel page here