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Radio Programmes, Documentaries and Audiobooks

From recording voices for long form productions, interviews, audiobooks and links for the likes of BBC Radio 2, Radio 4 and the World Service to working with the top Independent radio production companies in London, SNK Studios have had years of experience when it comes to everything radio.

We pride ourselves on providing our clients with the perfect audio facility for working on a wide range of radio productions. Our newly built and beautiful sounding studios - coupled with top of the range audio equipment - means that every recording at SNK Studios has the depth and clarity required for a top quality radio broadcast.

Key Features:

  • Global ISDN service for studio to studio or direct to station connections
  • All the best gear available in 4 newly built Central London Studios
  • Award Winning engineers

Notable Projects we've recorded material for:

  • Russia: The Wild East, epic 50 parter for BBC R4 and Ladbroke Productions
  • Amnesty At 50, BBC R4 and Ladbroke Productions
  • Honest Doubt, 20 part BBC Radio4 documentary for Ladbroke Productions
  • Behind The Black Door, by Sarah Brown for Random House
  • "May I have Your Attention Please?" by James Corden for Random House
  • Dave Gorman vs. The Rest Of The World, by Dave Gorman for AudioGO Ltd
  • Countless titles for Audible (Amazon audiobook company)
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