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Radio & Spotify Advertising

Here at SNK Studios we have recorded, edited, created sound design, composed bespoke music and mixed literally hundreds of Radio Commercials for leading advertising agencies and production companies.

With the advent of Spotify, the digital music service, we've become one of the leading suppliers for their commercial material, whilst in-house team Red Apple Creative are an 'Official Creative Partner of Spotify'. We've produced spots for everyone from Amnesty International and the RAF, to Manchester United and Bacardi, to hear some clips, have a listen to our Commercial Radio Reel at the bottom of this page.

Key Features:

  • Global ISDN service for studio to studio or direct to station connections
  • All the best gear available in 4 newly built Central London Studios
  • Award Winning engineers

Comfortable, Convenient and Cost Effective

Not only do all our clients benefit from the convenience of working in SNK's beautifully built, superb sounding central London recording studios, but wonderful staff with a hospitable welcome, our competitive rates and flexible booking terms will ensure that your production - whether it's a two hour or a two day booking - runs as successfully as possible.

World Class Radio Production Services

Our in-house partners Red Apple Creative can assist with a swathe of complementary services to get your productions working as best as possible for you, legally, creatively and financially. So when you're booking studio time, just enquire about any of these other services that you think you're project might benefit from:

  • Commercials Production
  • Script Writing
  • RACC Clearance
  • Voice Casting & Negotiating
  • Broadcast PR
  • Sponsorships & Promotions
  • Planning & Media Buying
  • Audio Distribution to Radio Stations

Sponsorship and Promotions

By sponsoring or running a promotion within a show, your brand becomes part of the fabric of the station output. Sponsoring a show gives you a direct association and promotions allow for presenter endorsement. We can work with you to create the sound and style of the delivery, ensuring maximum results.

Broadcast PR/Radio Days

With Broadcast PR, your story becomes part of the programming content in the form of an interview with a presenter or newsreader on both commercial and BBC radio. Visit our dedicated Broadcast PR and Radio Days page here.

Planning and Buying Media

We work with all of the radio groups so we can secure your media as well as producing your content.


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