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Award winning sound design studios in the heart of Central London

Subtly blending the perfect sound effects and atmospheres can make or break a project. Done properly it can elevate a production to levels you've only dreamed of. Sound goes to the heart of human nature, stimulating the senses and sparking the imagination.

Our award winning Sound Designers have years of experience blending and morphing audio to create the perfect sound track for your production. It's what we're passionate about, all projects benefit from stunning sound. Great sound is invaluable; we're here to help you get the best out of your audio.  

Over the years we've amassed an enormous Sound Effects library with access shared by all the studios in the facility. We might be spotting everyday sounds that the viewer expects to hear, or blending tones, foley (live recording SFX) and sometimes musical elements to create something beautiful and truly unique.

Here's just one example of hundreds of projects worked on over the years. This film for the Welsh Rugby Union won 'Best Sound Design' at the prestigious Music & Sound Awards in 2012.

Whatever your requirements, our extensive experience providing audio for TV & radio ads, films, promos and internet delivery will ensure the results are always first class.

Check out our Showreels Page to see examples of our work. Alternatively call 020 7387 0050 or email to discuss your specific sound design project. 

SNK Studios London
SNK Studios London