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Skype and ISDN Audiobook Directing

Directing from overseas - what did we do before broadband?!

We've had the pleasure to work with some great US based publishers this summer and have kitted out 2 of our audiobook suites with integrated Skype setups. This alongside our 3 ISDN rigs means we can dial into directors from across the globe, with video link if necessary.

With the increasingly busy schedules of voice actors and producers, being able to direct remotely is a blessing... All you need is an internet connection and of course one of our superb engineers to ensure that the recording is perfect.

With the engineer talkback being sent down the line and the Skype or ISDN feed being routed into the reader's headphones, it really is like being in the room!

So, why not think about directing your next book from home... Or the poolside bar : )

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