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Facility Upgrades

New facilities include a brand new Tracklay Suite and a new C24 desk in studio 5

Studio 5

We're always looking to improve the studios here on Tottenham Court Road - just in the past month we've installed a brand new Avid C|24 mixing console in Studio 5, invested in yet more world class microphones and built a brand new Tracklay Suite, complete with four ProTools rigs!!

Tracklay Suite

The new suite is ideal for session-prep, sound design and all manner of unattended work, enabling us to fully commit to even larger projects and continue to deliver an unparalleled, creative service with a big smile.

In addition, we understand client's needs to access ongoing or historic projects for re-versioning and last minute changes, and with full access to all the data in the building, the newly built Tracklay Suite allows us to turn those urgent requests around - even faster than before.


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