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Women in Film & TV

Comment by Emma Butt, engineer


For anyone who doesn't know about Women in Film and TV, it is an incredible organisation here in the UK for  women working in creative media, and is also part of an international network of over 10,000 women worldwide.
It holds monthly networking evenings, mentoring programmes, lobbies for womens interests as well as a whole host of other events. 

I recently attended the latest Women in Film and TV networking evening. It's held once a month in the Hippodrome and is open to all members to come along and meet fellow women in the industry. The organisers encourage everyone to bring along business cards and make at least 5 new contacts by the end of the night. The whole event is an incredibly welcoming, inclusive environment. Even if you've come alone you are encouraged to walk up to any group of people and introduce yourself. At the beginning it is slightly terrifying - reminiscent of being a kid in the playground trying to make friends - but everyone welcomes all new people with a friendly 'hello'. 

The networking events are also open to non-members to try once, to see if it's for them - I can't recommend it enough. Coming from the industry in Ireland to London where no one really knows who I am, it's a great way to get my name and the SNK brand out there and show people where to find us when they need excellent audio work done.


Find out more at http://wftv.org.uk/

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