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Black Lives Matter

Here at SNK Studios we’ve been trying to figure out how we can best support the Black Lives Matter movement in ways that will make a genuine difference. 

There’s fear of doing or saying the wrong thing, but we realise that action is the only way to move towards true equality. We recognise that silence hinders progress and so we’d like to make our stance clear.


We at SNK Studios stand in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement.


No person should have to live in fear of the authorities, have fewer opportunities or experience abuse and judgement based on the colour of their skin. Racism has no place in today’s society. 


The immediate action we have taken is to create an open forum internally based on the principle of allyship to share resources that will help us all learn and educate ourselves on the scale and severity of the issue.


This is just the beginning for us. We encourage all suggestions from our team and any difficult or uncomfortable conversations that happen along the way, as we question our privilege and educate ourselves.


We’re not perfect, but we will talk, listen and learn together about how we’re going to play our part better in the future. 


All lives will not matter until Black lives matter.


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