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National Science Week Presentation

SNK Studios and Red Apple creative team up with STEM and National Science Week.



As part of our Red Apple/SNK Studios Academy & STEAM programme, we’re committed to inspiring young people from every walk of life to get involved in the audio industry, who may have never considered it before. So we teamed up with STEM Learning and National Science Week to put together an interactive and entertaining session for 12 schools. 

We took over 300 pupils on a ‘Journey of Sound’ from it first being created in nature, to how it travels through the air, gets captured, can be manipulated, enhanced and expressed on film, then finally enjoyed as an emotional experience. 

Director and co-founder of SNK Studios, Seb Juviler and sound engineer Alistair Bolt took the audience on a voyage that crossed biology, physics, maths, computing and, of course, art and creativity. It showed that great audio is where science and technology interact with our emotions. 

It was a huge task, but we got some great feedback including many requests to find out more about the industry and visit the studios - which they can do via our Workplace Visits programme. 

Seb was delighted at seeing months of planning turn into a successful event for local students: “It was an incredibly rewarding experience to inspire the next generation of audio superstars and to show young people a future they may not have considered before.”

Find out more about STEM here https://www.stem.org.uk/  

Learn more about Red Apple Creative here www.redapplecreative.co.uk and SNK Studios here www.snkstudios.co.uk  

Learn more about becoming a Camden STEAM employer here https://www.camden.gov.uk/camden-steam

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