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Nice for SNK Studios co-founder Seb Juviler, to have been interviewed recently for the ADAM Audio website. 

We worked in collaboration with the Berlin based speaker manufactorer during 2016 for the development of our Dolby Certified Studio 7. It actually makes for fairly interesting reading! Click here.

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Rob Baker - Sound Engineer / Designer says:

All these songs have been important to me in different periods of my life. From Longpigs, Cay, Dandy Warhols and Idlewild etc at school, to my hip-hop scratch DJ spell (Breakestra, Rahzel, Black Moon were pretty much in every set I played!), via the Jurassic Park Theme (it would be a crime not to include it), to various festival highlights and gigs. Some of the songs are probably pretty embarrassing but there's certainly a selection in there.

Link to Playlist: https://open.spotify.com/user/robertobarkos/playlist/7ev6ssclPdmEyo0oF5JyXT 

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‘Audio therapy’ is quickly becoming a new way by which people meditate! A recent survey found that nearly 18 million adults practice meditation each day. Sonic Enchantment was founded in 2011 by Yoga-loving guru, D-J and sound-engineer Fabio Garces, and we thought you might be interested to know a little more…


  Fabio began his career as a sound engineer, music producer and graphic designer. He recently participated in the popular Morning Gloryville Raves that encourage positivity through sober raving. More recently, Fabio combined his two passions of sound and visual art which have led to the creation of Sonic Enchantment.


  Sonic Enchantment events provide a multi-media immersive experience by incorporating ancient acoustic music, naturalistic sounds, ethereal chimes and visual imagery which lull attendees into a meditative state. What could be better!?


Fabio’s events run regularly around London. To reserve a space follow the link on Facebook: HERE 

If you would like to check out more about Sonic Enchantment and Fabio himself follow their facebook page and give him a LIKE HERE 

Written by Emma Becque 

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Brixton’s very own David Bowie musical tour!


Young and ambitious singer/songwriter Nick Stephenson has set up the immersive experience that is the David Bowie Musical Walking Tour. On the 8th of January 2017 (Bowies birthday), Nick launched his musical tour around Brixton which has gained momentum and popularity for those who wish to pay their respects and celebrate the incredible life of legend David Bowie.


The tour begins at Brixton tube station where Nick greets participants with his guitar, then weaves around the streets of Brixton where Bowie was born and performed his first gig (Brixton Academy). At each stop Nick sings one of Bowies’ songs encouraging his fellow Bowie lovers to sing along!


Alongside this, Nick tells the poignant story of Bowie’s life and work in Brixton which often takes customers to rare and unique sites. Nick has extensively researched Bowies love of Brixton and customers are in for a treat if they decide to take the magically musical 2 hour long tour.

Nick has received rave reviews for his tour online and via TimeOut London:

“A beautiful afternoon with the lovely tour guide and his side kick Coco. No better way to spend DB's birthday than visiting his childhood and singing his songs”(Facebook).

The tour runs regularly on Wednesdays & Fridays at 11am and 2pm, Sundays at 2pm.

Tickets cost £10 per person.

To book tickets call: +44(0)7894550184 or book online via Eventbrite HERE
For more information about the tour follow the Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/BowieTourLondon/.

Written by Emma Becque 



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We are delighted to announce that, as of January 2017, Nick Roberts has joined forces with the SNK team. 

Using his extensive experience Nick will be helping to further develop the ADR offering here at our lovely Tottenham Court Road facility. He'll be working closely with the engineering and production teams to ensure we provide a world-class ADR service for TV drama and film. 

Existing in-house ADR Producer Jack Whitney is especially excited about working with Nick, having previously teamed up together on dozens of projects at other London facilities. Jack has extensive experience in co-ordinating ADR sessions for UK and international clients.

Nick is in the relatively rare position of having years of experience in both long and short-form audio, being happy mixing the sound for nationwide advertising campaigns as well as recording ADR for major feature films. What makes him happiest is working with actors and directors to glean top performances in both the VO booth and the ADR studio. He's worked in facilities such as DeLane Lea, Goldcrest, Halo, Hackenbacker & Mayflower.

Nick is looking forward to working with SNK over the coming months which coincides with the opening of Studio 7. Constructed from the ground up it is a brand new Dolby-approved Commercials and Trailers cinema mixing suite, which also provides an ideal acoustic and performance space for open-room ADR recording. Studio 7 complements Studio 1's existing Control Room / Booth setup which has been used recently by several big name actors.

You can read more about our ADR services including technical information, here.

Welcome to the team Nick!!! 

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Dolby Atmos comes to SNK

Work has now started on a brand new, 500 square foot reception space, new production offices and, the icing on the cake, our flagship audio suite, Studio 7. A cutting edge Dolby Atmos Studio with full 5.1 & 7.1 Commercials and Trailers Certification.

We've been working closely with the wonderful designers and acousticians team at Miloco Builds in conjunction with the clever people at Dolby to create a space capable of handling all the latest developments in the cinema and VR audio worlds. With a massive 360° speaker array from Berlin based manufacturer ADAM Audio, Studio 7 will be one of only a handful of studios in Central London with Dolby Atmos capabilities. In addition, the open layout will make the suite ideal for ADR recording and dubbing of long-form work.

Studio 7 will perfectly complement our current offering, allowing for greater flexibility, enhanced technical capability and superb client experience throughout the facility.

Why stop there?!

To handle the increase in audio capacity, we're also creating a beautiful new reception area on the first floor with custom furniture from AKA Design. This will provide a large, bright space for clients to prep, meet or just hang out after sessions.

We're also completely refurbishing the communal parts and upgrading some of the existing studios… not to mention installing new network, backup and security systems, and fitting out a brand new Production Office to house the 20 odd bookings and specialist audio gurus who make the real magic happen!

Don't worry though, SNK Studios will be remaining fully operational throughout the next few months, so it's very much business as usual. We'll be opening the new look facility in December 2016 with drink invites going out well into the New Year, so watch this space!

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Our 5 From..... blog introduces you to the SNK Studios team individually.

We'd love to introduce Chris Whiteside, one of your very talented Sound Engineer/Designers from our Studio team.

Chris, here are your 5 From.....

Our 5 From..... blog introduces you to the SNK Studios team individually.

We'd love to introduce Chris Whiteside, one of your very talented Sound Engineer/Designers from our Studio team.

Chris, here are your 5 From.....

Best advice a colleague or manager has ever given you?

If you're ever feeling nervous, imagine everyone in the room naked... thankfully for our clients I'm not one for nervousness.

Describe your perfect Saturday night?

I'm a bit Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde on this one... the pendulum swings from boring nights in with the better half to having her drag me back home.

Most memorable experience at RAC/RR/SNK?

This one only happened a couple of days ago. I was doing a session with Rick Astley when I mentioned that it was my mum's birthday and when he discovered she was a fan, he promptly jumped up and said get out your phone and sang her happy birthday... I'll be cashing in those brownie points for a while!

What is your hidden talent?

I can close one top eyelid fully whilst keeping the other eye fully open. Everyone thinks they can do it too, but theyre just winking!

What is your favourite sound and why?

The sound of a crisp packet opening or rain against window panes... it's a coin toss.

Best pub trivia fact?

I'm a part-time quiz master so can usually be overheard trying to either give or more often than not, extract some juicy pub quiz fodder from my collegues. The best one I've had recently came from our Bookings Manager, Dan; Which animal can create the loudest sound? The sperm whale creates clicks at 230 decibels (humans feel pain at 70db).

How do you get rid of hiccups?

I drink water backwards, while hanging from the ceiling reciting the alphabet and balancing a plate on the tip of my nose... if you still have hiccups after that you're not concentrating enough!

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SNK sculpt 5.1 immersive sound design for 360 degree Ford Le Mans experience!

Working alongside animation wizards, Burrows we looked after all aspects of audio for an epic 360 degree brand film experience-  the centre piece for the Ford stand at LeMans 24 Hours race last month. The piece utilised the revolutionary Igloo dome technology and proved a huge hit with over 30,000 people watching on-site and over 100,000 views across Facebook and YouTube.
SNK took care of the music search & negotiation, creative sound design and 5.1 surround sound mixing as well as the on-site installation testing whilst Essex based Burrows sculpted the stunning CGI sequences and shot the 360 degree live action sections featuring Ken Block and Andreas Bakkerud. It was the first project we had worked on together and everyone involved was overjoyed with the final piece.
Enjoy the film here. (Although the stereo mix and 2D picture really doesn’t do it justice, viewing it on your smart phone and through Google Cardboard does give you a more immersive experience.)