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Having overseen the production of Thames Water's 'Winter 2018' and 'Fatberg' radio campaigns here at SNK, we're delighted to be hearing them live across radio stations such as Smooth, Heart, Magic and Capital right now.

We worked closely with Aylesworth Fleming Agency on behalf of Thames Water to plan and oversee both campaigns, and deliver them to stations across the country.

SNK Studios provided everything from casting to radio clearance, scheduling recordings to final mixing.

We worked closely with AF to get the campaigns cleared with RACC in time for broadcast. Once we had received clearance for both scripts, we had the green light for moving ahead with the recording.... Both campaigns had bespoke sound design and featured a music track from our very own library. 

Once we had received a final green light from AF and Thames Water, we could begin delivering the radio campaigns to selected stations, ahead of copy and live deadlines.

The Thames Water 'Winter November 2018' radio campaign helps to highlight common plumbing issues experienced during the cold season, and Thames Water 'Fatberg November 2018' radio campaign helps to highlight London's on-going problems with wet-wipes etc being flushed down the loo!

These ads will be broadcast between November 2018 - March 2019 - Keep your ears open, ladies and gentleman! 


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Nice to see this going out live now - all 8 episodes of VO recorded at SNK Studios!

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We are so thrilled that 'Max Factor: Putting a Spotlight on the Leading Ladies of Cinema’ won Best Use of Cinema (Large) and the Grand Prix at the 2018 DCM Awards earlier this month!


Working with our friends at Recipe, SNK took care of the full audio post production, including creative sound design, dialogue edit, music consulting and the  final cinema mixes. SNK producers, Sam & Jack attended the red carpet event at the Ham Yard Hotel last week and celebrated in style - looking very 'Peaky  Blinders' there chaps!

The win goes to reinforce SNK Studios in the world of audio for Cinema advertising.... Our lovely Dolby certified suite Studio 7, often mixes out dozens of  cinema spots in a month for global brands.

Well done chaps…. let’s just hope there is room left in the trophy cabinet! : )

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Jess Elton - Receptionist says: 

  "A real mix of my long-standing favourites from over the years, this playlist nearly always has me singing along while cooking, or distracting me from the painful process that is cleaning - or just simply getting me in the mood for work on my morning commute! A mix of chill-out and feel-good classics, there's always something in there to make me smile - hope it does you too!"  

 Check out the playlist here! 

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Jack Whitney - Audio Producer says: 


 "Here's a selection of some of my fave bands at the moment. From post-punk to stoner rock to indie rock... this playlist is definitely one to be listened to nice and loud."

   Check out the Spotify link here! 

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Alistair Bolt - Sound Engineer says: 


"Here's a taster of what I've been listening to recently. Some timeless classics, some modern classics and some soon-to-be classics - one thing's for certain, they're all classics. Hopefully it takes you on a journey and you find something to add to your own playlists (of course you will, they're all classics)."

Check out the spotify link here

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Gabriel Dutru - Sound Engineer says:


'Here's my playlist of melanchonic vibes. A mix of lo-fi textures, broken beats and washed out synths. Good to contemplate your life lying under the midnight stars, thinking about the long gone love of your life while drowing your sorrows with a glass of red wine.' 

Check out the Spotify link here

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The Audio Post house officially selected AMF as their chosen charity earlier in the year. Here’s why, and how you can help…

Malaria is one of the world’s leading killers of children under 5 and pregnant women. 400,000 people die of malaria each year - yet no-one need die. A simple bednet is the most effective means of prevention.
AMF are the world’s leading charity funding and distributing long-lasting insecticide-treated bednets (LLINs). AMF is evidence-backed, thoroughly vetted, and underfunded. In fact, for six of the last seven years, and currently, AMF has been ranked the #1 charity in the world by GiveWell, one of the world’s leading independent charity evaluators who focus on impact and cost-effectiveness when evaluating charities. Two other organisations; Giving What We Can and The Life You Can Save, have ranked AMF similarly since 2012.
As of May 2018, SNK donations and fundraising have paid for over 3,500 LLINs that will protect 6,300 people when they sleep at night from the bites of malaria-carrying mosquitoes that would otherwise cause severe illness, or death.That’s already 13 entire villages that will be covered, thanks to us. 
Please do something amazing today by helping to build on this incredible start - for less than the price of a cup of coffee - you can buy a few nets on our fundraising page right now, and potentially save a life. Go to www.againstmalaria.com/snkpublishing
Thanks for your support. 

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Chris Bristow - Sound Engineer says: 

"Here's a small selection of some of my current Rnb / Soul beats. Ideal for lazy Sunday."

Check out the Spotify link here