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We're delighted to have been creating all the audio for the colossal European-wide Euros 2016 Betfair campaign that kicked off last weekend. That includes multiple TV ads in 7 languages all with offer variations, original sound design, Music, VO and final mix delivery. Over the past month we've been handling everything from radio and script clearance to voice casting and music licensing. A massive shout goes out to our very own, legendary Chris Whiteside for handling most of the engineering at this end, and Senior Audio Producer Sam Dillon for his octopus-like handling of the account.

We're delighted to be working directly with the brand in this case, taking care of such a significant part of the production process on this large account.

Robin Marks, Head of TV & Radio Production for Paddy Power Betfair said: ’The guys at SNK really went the extra mile on this project, with so many versions, offers and languages it was a huge task to manage. Their audio producer, Sam is on call around the clock and just gets things sorted, exactly what you need when dealing with a huge campaign like this. From arranging voices and music to the final mixing, done by the wonderful Chris, their team did a stellar job, as ever. I couldn't recommend SNK highly enough'

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Each week we're selecting one of the lovely creative bods in the company to recommend a Spotify playlist for people who want to broaden their listening experiences. This week it's Seb's turn...

Seb Juviler - Co-Owner says:

Some clever soul has compiled a playlist of music that features in Adam Curtis documentaries... The man's a legend and his documentaries are astounding - and he always choses brilliant music. With 83 tracks ranging from Marlene Dietrich to Nine Inch Nails, and a generous smattering of Brian Eno, theres just about something for everyone!

Link to Playlist: https://open.spotify.com/user/snk.studios/playlist/53Kh875QlNY3xVWqtLgeAx

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Here at SNK Studios we thought it was about time to show off (a tiny proportion) of the awesome ident, promos and kids audio work we produce here.

Enjoy! For any enquiries, call +44 (0)20 7387 0050

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Each week we're selecting one of the lovely creative bods in the company to recommend a Spotify playlist for people who want to broaden their listening experiences. This week it's Dan's turn...

Dan Jenkinson - Bookings Managers says:

Old-skool artists had limited studio euqpiment, but creativity/voice/song writing shone through. Plus a rumble of bass & bite of hi hats!

Link to playlist: https://open.spotify.com/user/snk.studios/playlist/6qprRhkzkpX9G6xJADb4zo

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Each week we're selecting one of the lovely creative bods in the company to recommend a Spotify playlist for anyone to listen to. This week it's Sam's turn! 

Sam Dillon - Senior Audio Producer says:

I'm a massive fan of American singer-songwriter Bon Iver (Justin Vernon) and I’m always on the lookout for other artists with similar original approaches to acoustic and vocal phrasing. So, here’s a selection of tracks I’ve been listening to by artists inspired by his work… falsetto and all. Enjoy! 

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New facilities include a brand new Tracklay Suite and a new C24 desk in studio 5

Studio 5

We're always looking to improve the studios here on Tottenham Court Road - just in the past month we've installed a brand new Avid C|24 mixing console in Studio 5, invested in yet more world class microphones and built a brand new Tracklay Suite, complete with four ProTools rigs!!

Tracklay Suite

The new suite is ideal for session-prep, sound design and all manner of unattended work, enabling us to fully commit to even larger projects and continue to deliver an unparalleled, creative service with a big smile.

In addition, we understand client's needs to access ongoing or historic projects for re-versioning and last minute changes, and with full access to all the data in the building, the newly built Tracklay Suite allows us to turn those urgent requests around - even faster than before.


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UK TVC - Music Composition, Sound Design & Audio Post

For the full SNK Music showreel: 

We are proud to have worked closely with Brett Foraker/RSA, Matt Westrup/Joyrider, the Golley Slater Cardiff's creative directors David Abbott and Paul Williams and Amanda Lowit at The TV Production Office to craft the music and sound design for the "Mitsubishi Motors in the UK" 30 second TV commercial for the New PHEV and Mitsubishi's sponsorship of C4 Documentaries which air from October 19th.

The Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV was the world’s first 4WD Plug-in Hybrid SUV that produced a remarkable 148mpg and became the UK’s number one selling hybrid vehicle. The new 2016 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV not only has even more impressive numbers at its heart, but has undergone a complete redesign with stunning exterior styling and a premium interior finish.  
In short, the new 2016 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV meant that on all levels ‘Numbers never looked this good’.

Rob Baker, one of SNK’s top engineers, sculpted the creative sound design for the 30 second TV commercial. It was key that there was a clear definition between the various environments, whilst maintaining the stylistic flow throughout the spot. Rob explains “the sound design and bespoke music have a real interplay and work together to form a really full-textured soundbed, we wanted the contemporary soundtrack to feel like one really coherent piece that underpinned the beautiful visuals”.

Mike Leeson, Managing Director of Advertising at Golley Slater says, 
"The team at Golley Slater is excited to have delivered another stunning piece of creative for Mitsubishi Motors in the UK.

Our Numbers campaign will help maintain its position as the UK's leading plug-in hybrid car brand and, for the third consecutive year, the UK's fastest growing mainstream car brand”.

Amanda Lowit, MD/Senior TV Producer of The TV Production Office commented:
"You only have one chance to craft a piece of work the agency and client can be proud of so as a producer, its important to surround yourself with people you trust to craft each part of the process to the best possible quality. 

SNK Music/sound studios are the most trusted of all - they always hit the brief with cost effective stand out music and sound design which is always creatively delivered against the brief.

Seb, Sam and their team always go way beyond the call of duty and work closely with the director and the agency to ensure "stand out" music/sound design, hence why they are an award winning company in their field.  The fact they are both a music company and sound studio definitely aids the cohesion for the best final audio mix”


Client:  Mitsubishi Motors in the UK
Clients: Kate Woodward General Manager, Communications
Darren Beard: National Advertising Manager
Agency: Golley Slater Cardiff
Creative Directors: Paul Williams / David Abbott
Account Director:     Natalie Wilson
Senior TV Producer: Amanda Lowit at The TV Production Office
Production Company PHEV TVC: RSA Films
Director PHEV TVC: Brett Foraker 
Producer PHEV TVC: Ben Porter
New L200 and PHEV Sponsorship idents: Matt Westrup/Joyrider
Post house: Smoke & Mirrors
Creative Sound design and Mix: Seb Juvlier at SNK Studios
Bespoke music composition: Seb Juliver, Ben Siegal and Rob Baker at SNK Music
Senior audio producer – Sam Dillon at SNK Studios/Music


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Music and Audio Post

An exciting addition to our ever bourgeoning shelf of pride! SNK Studios were thrilled to be part of the winning team for a prestigious Silver 'Shark' award at the Kinsale Festival in Ireland. The award for Best Direction featured original music and audio post from SNK Studios on the 13th Street channel promo created earlier this year, for NBC Universal.

Huge congratulations to Director Guy Soulsby and Creative Director Andrew Clyde.

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Halloween & True Crime Promos

Fun but scary times working with the teams at NBC Universal and Timecode Productions to create the sounds for these latest TV promos.

Halloween runs across SciFi in Poland and Syfy in Benelux whilst True Crimes airs in Poland from October 14th.
With thanks to Senior Creative & Producer, Clem Pavey and Producer & Production Manager Jo Lappetelainen on Halloween. Production company, Timecode Productions were behind True Crimes. With thanks to Jo Sainsbury, Senior Creative & Producer and Amanda Robinson, Campaign Producer.