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In partnership with our sister company, specialist audio agency Red Apple Creative, we were delighted to work with gaming giant Ubisoft for the release of the hugely anticipated Far Cry 4. To celebrate the launch of the Playstation only game we produced two, immersive 3D audio pieces specifically for the Spotify platform. Have a listen to one of the ads here.

Read our 3D Audio blog entry to find out a bit more about the format.

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What is 3D Audio?

What is 3D Audio

Good question!! Since the increase in headphone listening due to the ubiquity of Spotify and other digital platforms, 3D Audio takes advantage of this opportunity to invite the listener into the heart of the action, via our cutting edge 'binaural' audio production techniques. Combined with great scriptwriting, our quasi-surround sound mixing and detailed sound design techniques give the audience a first-person perspective, without having to leave their normal headphone-wearing environment.

We're currently discussing 3D Audio projects with brands that embrace creativity and wish to add impact to their commercial productions, including film, gaming, autos and youth clients.

To find out more, and experience it for yourself, have a listen to our inspirational demo below. Don't forget to put your headphones on to fully enjoy the experience! Call the office on 020 7387 0050 for more information and to discuss how 3D Audio can improve your life!

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Massive congratulations to Karrot Animation on winning a BAFTA for Sarah & Duck!

Sarah & Duck

We're delighted to have been involved in the show, recording all the voices for the recent series that the guys then animate to. Sarah & Duck won this year’s Best Children’s Pre-School Animation. A fantastically fun project for us to be involved in, working with some of the nicest people in the business, which always helps!

Pop! That was the sound of the champers being uncorked ;)

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Original Music Composition and Sound Design


SNK Studios are pleased to announce their involvement in Guy Soulsby's DEVIL MAKES WORK, a sinister short film illustrating the devil's twisted view of humanity; our hopes and dreams, life, love and struggle together with the sacrifices we make for success.

We were delighted to have been so involved, creating a modern orchestral score and the sound design for both the film and trailer. It's a moody, textural and dramatic journey of instrumentation lovingly created by SNK Studios founder, Seb Juviler. Impactiful sound design was lead by senior engineer, Rob Baker along with a collaborative effort with the rest of the SNK team. Some of the top VFX and production houses in London were involved in the visuals, including Park Village, MPC, Unit, ENVY and Found. The result is a near feature film level of quality.

DEVIL MAKES WORK will be screened at Framestore on the 11th November between 6.30-8.30PM. 

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Keep Calm and Listen To Good Music

Along with the music for dozens of radio and Spotify commercials produced at SNK Studios over the past few months, we've just had the PRS confirm that our original music compositions were recently broadcast on TV in the following legendary programmes!

Flog It, What Not To Wear, Tanked, Worlds Dumbest Criminals, a re-run of Top Gear, the theme music to My Super Sweet Sixteen and several high-profile TV commercials including The Royal Navy, Rated People and a world famous fashion house who shall remain nameless!

It's literally - music to our ears!

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SNK Studios has worked with Audible.co.uk to record and produce Talking Statues, the latest project from arts producers Sing London

Launching on Tuesday 19 August, passersby will be able to swipe their smartphones over signage on chosen statues across London and Manchester before receiving a call from the likes of Isaac Newton, Queen Victoria, or Sherlock Holmes. The actors, presenters, and comedians contributing include Jeremy Paxman, Prunella Scales, Hugh Bonneville, Alan Johnson MP, and Patrick Stuart.

Coordinating the studio time over the past couple of months was SNK Studios manager Sam Dillon: “It's been a big project from a logistics perspective, we've worked closely with our long-term client Audible.co.uk who were producing the voices to accommodate so many busy schedules! But everyone involved has been genuinely excited to be part of it, putting real heart into their character, resulting in some truly moving performances. It's such an original idea that will enrich these two great cities immeasurably, bringing to life these stunning statues often ignored by the public – everyone should get out and go find a statue!”

See more at http://www.talkingstatues.co.uk/

Talking Statues

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The new Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV UK TV and Cinema commercial took over a months’ work and a huge team effort from SNK.

The audio blurs the lines between music and sound design, combining carefully crafted synthesised textures with layers of sound effects to help tell the story of this new ground breaking car.

The sound has become a fundamental part of the commercial, with even the voice over being given an original sonic twist.

Take a look at the commercial to see for yourself how audio has helped animate the creative theme.

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We can almost taste Summer….. mostly because we’ve been treated to a preview of what this Summer will taste like!

The delightful new Cadbury Dairy Milk Ice Cream TV ads were a particularly popular project at SNK Studios.

Working for Big Communications we created the sound design, voice recording and final mixes for the latest of these tasty commercials currently gracing your TV screens.

Thankfully, as you’ll see from the ad the taste of Summer is cheerfully more consistent than our British weather!

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SNK's Studio 1 was recently taken on a temporary jaunt to Wales for a mini-break.

Golley Slater's new 'Visit Wales' TVC and cinema commercials arrived ready for their audio post production. Gorgeous shots of Welsh coast and countryside were imbued  with sound design and overlayed with a traditional Welsh song performed by Cerys Matthews.

SNK provided final TV mix as well as supplying the Dolby mix for cinema, head over here to check out the final versions and full credits