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Charity & Environment

We give a significant percentage of our profits to charity each year. It's something the team are really proud of.

Charity & Environment Charity & Environment

The SNK Publishing group tries hard to have a positive impact on the community and the environment... at least not make matters worse! 

We have a long-standing relationship with Crisis; one of the UK's leading homeless charities, and the Against Malaria Foundation; one of the leading suppliers of bednets to Malaria prone regions around the world. And despite the Covid pandemic, in 2020 we still donated a significant amount of money to Macmillan Cancer Support.

We also have an in-house 'charity committee' made up of team members regularly coming up with new and inventive ways of raising money for our chosen charities.

Additionally whilst flying is still sometimes a necessary part of doing business, especially with a team in the US, for the first time at the end of 2019 we invested in a highly reputable Carbon Offset scheme and as a result all company flights taken throughout 2019 had a Net zero impact on the environment.

Our team should be very proud!




"I just wanted to write to say how delighted I was with everything that SNK did for us on our recent job. We completed 20x films and the feedback has been 100% positive."

Fionn Greger, Head of Production | Amazon


Jam Worldwide


"SNK have been brilliant to partner with since day one! The team have delivered countless projects ranging across a host of brands and agencies for TV, cinema and Online campaigns"

Harry Lane, Head of Post, Adaption & Versioning | Jam Worldwide


Karrot Entertainment


"We have recorded over 80 episodes of Sarah & Duck with SNK Studios and I cannot recommend them enough. The team are fantastic and make every effort to accommodate our needs.... The facilities are top of the range and they also have a rather good selection of hot drinks and biscuits to keep you going!"

Sarah Broad, Line Producer | Karrot Entertainment


Cogent Elliott


"Everybody's delighted, thank you for the great work you guys did!"

Mark Lindley, Creative Director | Cogent Elliott