Studio Interior

Studio 2 | ProTools HDX System & ADAM Monitoring

One of the largest mix studios with the latest ProTools HDX system and ADAM monitoring. The perfect space for commercials dubbing, sound design and voice over sessions.

Studio 2 | ProTools HDX System & ADAM Monitoring Studio 2 | ProTools HDX System & ADAM Monitoring

Control room with natural light (a luxury by London studio standards!) ideal for 6 or 7 clients on very comfy sofas.

The recording booth easily sits 2 actors - with picture sync.

Stereo and 5.1 monitoring in Studio 2 is perfect to then transfer projects into Studio 7 for Dolby cinema mixing when required. 

All studios share our huge SFX server and can transfer projects seamlessly between one another.
  • Mixing

    ProTools C24 with HDX rig.

  • ISDN
We have ISDN systems with all standard internationally recognised codecs in all our studios. 
  • Source Connect Pro
Including remote synch capabilities to connect up and lock to any other Source Connect Studio around the world.


  • Available in-house Microphones:

Shotgun/Boom: Sennheiser MKH60 and Sennheiser 416
Lavalier/Lapel: Sanken COS11 and DPA 4060
Large Diaphragm Condenser: Neumann U87s and Audio Technica 4033s
More microphones available to hire upon request

  • Worth Noting
All studios support OMF / AAF import and export and we can deliver final audio files in any format, sample rate and bit depth including WAV, MP3, AIFFs on CD or via upload to our secure server. Also, all sessions come with very tasty biscuits and tea and coffee as standard!

Studio Blueprint


Centrepoint Christmas Campaign 2018


The spot was, in essence, a very simple concept that required quality ingredients to lift it to a complex and emotional place. One vital ingredient was the sound, and SNK delivered on a nuanced, atmospheric and sensitive piece of sound design and mix that delivered on all fronts

Mark Dymond, Film Director | Centrepoint Christmas Campaign 2018




I just wanted to write to say how delighted I was with everything that SNK did for us on our recent job. We completed 20x films and the feedback has been 100% positive.

Fionn Greger, Senior Producer | Amazon




Gifted composers, brilliant sound designers, excellent engineers, all in all the nicest studios in Central London - run by the friendliest team of guys. I can't recommend SNK highly enough!

Simon Gosling, Exec. Producer | Framestore


Karrot Entertainment


"We have recorded over 80 episodes of Sarah & Duck with SNK Studios and I cannot recommend them enough. The team are fantastic and make every effort to accommodate our needs. They are especially good at looking after our child actors. The facilities are top of the range and they also have a rather good selection of hot drinks and biscuits to keep you going!"

Sarah Broad, Line Producer | Karrot Entertainment


Aboud Creative


Unfairly we always tend to brief SNK Studios with short lead times. Despite this, their ability to deliver music on brief is very reassuring. Added to that, their acceptance of involving me in the process is a great credit to themselves. They are very unassuming, yet extremely talented music creators.

Alan Aboud, Creative Director | Aboud Creative


Cogent Elliott


Everybody's delighted, thank you for the great work you guys did!

Mark Lindley, Creative Director | Cogent Elliott