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360 & VR Audio Production in London

Employing the newest technology and techniques to take the realism of virtuality reality to new levels. With the emergence of VR and 360° content immersion has never been so important and audio is the glue that binds the experience together.

360 & VR Audio Production in London 360 & VR Audio Production in London

The audio engineers here at SNK have dedicated countless hours of research to understand the fundamentals of spatial audio and mix techniques, in order to deliver the highest quality immersive audio. 

To make truly immersive VR content you need truly immersive sound. Embracing spatial audio enhances 360° video and VR by giving that extra bit of presence and realism in creating a deeply emotive experience. The audio should believably sound like it surrounds you in your headphones and when your head moves the audio should move with it - the trick is, if you do it well you don’t notice it’s happening!

Successfully creating a seamless binaural 3D sound world is quite difficult and as with any emerging formats you need to be confident in how you go about formulating it. By utilising a wide host of modern mix techniques and a plethora of innovative technologies, SNK Studios truly are at the forefront when it comes to creating bespoke VR and 360° audio content for head-mounted displays, 360 facebook and youtube videos or any other immersive medium.

The team here is devoted to keeping up with current developments in VR enabling SNK to always deliver the highest quality in cutting edge spatial audio and ambisonic formats meaning we can work with clients to suit any audio needs required for 3D projects.




"I just wanted to write to say how delighted I was with everything that SNK did for us on our recent job. We completed 20x films and the feedback has been 100% positive."

Fionn Greger, Head of Production | Amazon


Jam Worldwide


"SNK have been brilliant to partner with since day one! The team have delivered countless projects ranging across a host of brands and agencies for TV, cinema and Online campaigns"

Harry Lane, Head of Post, Adaption & Versioning | Jam Worldwide


Karrot Entertainment


"We have recorded over 80 episodes of Sarah & Duck with SNK Studios and I cannot recommend them enough. The team are fantastic and make every effort to accommodate our needs.... The facilities are top of the range and they also have a rather good selection of hot drinks and biscuits to keep you going!"

Sarah Broad, Line Producer | Karrot Entertainment


Cogent Elliott


"Everybody's delighted, thank you for the great work you guys did!"

Mark Lindley, Creative Director | Cogent Elliott