Studio Interior

Broadcast PR & ISDN Radio Day studio in Central London

We work closely with our PR company colleagues to provide the ideal studios for all ISDN Radio Days and Broadcast PR sessions.

Broadcast PR & ISDN Radio Day studio in Central London Broadcast PR & ISDN Radio Day studio in Central London

Our experience combined with the comfort and Central London location of SNK Studios means your spokespeople can get their message across in a relaxed and confident manner, surrounded by a beautiful facility that is guaranteed to impress all clients.

Over the past few years we have hosted literally hundreds of Radio Days and Broadcast PR sessions, running stories from major insurance companies advising on best savings practice, to Will and Kate's Royal Wedding coverage with Jennie Bond - and everything in between!

We're used to sessions starting early in the morning to dial into Breakfast shows around the country (BBC and commercial) and working hard throughout the day to ensure clients messages are well delivered from a smooth running and accommodating recording studio facility. We're used to dealing with a packed call sheet, last minute changes, lots of celebrity spokespersons and multiple speakers, all dialling into and receiving calls from the UK and abroad.

All broadcast PR and ISDN Radio Day sessions include:

  • Tea, Coffee, fresh fruit and newspapers
  • Breakfast and lunch on request (passed on at cost)
  • Studios comfortably accommodating 5 or 6 clients in the control rooms and 3 or 4 spokespersons in the booth if necessary
  • National call charges included as standard in the session fee
  • All standard ISDN codecs are available, including APTX, TBU and simultaneous remote case study connections
  • MP3 uploads or CDs of interviews to take away at the end of the session
  • Happy smiley people at 7am!

For more technical information on our ISDN and other remote recording capabilities, visit our ISDN Recording Studio in London page.




"I just wanted to write to say how delighted I was with everything that SNK did for us on our recent job. We completed 20x films and the feedback has been 100% positive."

Fionn Greger, Head of Production | Amazon


Jam Worldwide


"SNK have been brilliant to partner with since day one! The team have delivered countless projects ranging across a host of brands and agencies for TV, cinema and Online campaigns"

Harry Lane, Head of Post, Adaption & Versioning | Jam Worldwide


Karrot Entertainment


"We have recorded over 80 episodes of Sarah & Duck with SNK Studios and I cannot recommend them enough. The team are fantastic and make every effort to accommodate our needs.... The facilities are top of the range and they also have a rather good selection of hot drinks and biscuits to keep you going!"

Sarah Broad, Line Producer | Karrot Entertainment


Cogent Elliott


"Everybody's delighted, thank you for the great work you guys did!"

Mark Lindley, Creative Director | Cogent Elliott